Ah, the dawn of a new year—a time for fresh beginnings, even for our pint-sized pals.

If you’ve ever wondered how to channel that boundless energy into something more constructive than turning your living room into an impromptu obstacle course, fear not! Today, we’re diving into the whimsical world of New Year’s resolutions with our tiny tots.

The Art of Tiny Reflections: Before you embark on your resolution adventure with your little ones, take a moment to reflect on the year gone by. With the gravity only a pre-schooler can muster, discuss their greatest achievements—like mastering the art of shoe-tying or being brave enough to introduce themselves to a new friend at kinder.

Dream Big, But Not Too Big: Now, it’s time to dream big but with a pint-sized twist. Encourage your pre-schooler to think about something they’d like to learn or try this year. Maybe it’s mastering the art of finger painting or attempting to write their name. Set healthy g