Bright Minds Program: Early Learning Enrichment

Our bright minds programs are thoughtfully designed to foster holistic development, ensuring that every child’s journey is filled with joy, growth, and exploration.


Our music program works to provide children with a range of learning opportunities including storytelling, dance, singing, playing musical instruments, games and crafts to develop their knowledge and understanding of musical concepts.

Our talented educators introduce our children to Indigenous and multicultural instruments and songs, dance for fun, and movement aligned with our world including seasons, animals and the Earth.

Building confidence, creativity, and choices in self-expression, not to mention listening skills, children are able to explore aspects of their identity through role play and build on early literacy skills with rhyming, patterns and sound recognition.

Our in-house program is supported by the talented team at Musical Minds who visit all children across our Centres on a rotating schedule once a fortnight during school terms.

Liz Hubbert talented educators introduce our children to music