Who We Are

Our mission is to provide Peace of Mind to families, creating a unique, play-based curriculum for each and every child in a loving, safe and nurturing environment.

Little Grasshoppers is a family owned and operated business providing exceptional childcare and kindergarten to families on the Mornington Peninsula for over 30 years.

Founded by mother of two Kaye Ellis, a pioneer in early childhood education who found herself disheartened when faced with the limited and uninspired childcare options available for her young sons. 

Concerned that centres offered neither safety nor stimulation, Kaye set out to introduce an education-based experience that also addressed and reduced the anxieties of families leaving their children for the first time.

The first to introduce monitors in centres, allowing parents to watch their child settle, and following news of several near misses in the community, introduced Code locks on the front door, further instilling safety.

Whilst cameras have now been phased out, Orientation and our instant access App address first day anxieties. 

Establishing dining rooms, library spaces and sleep rooms within to emulate a ‘real-life’ day at home, where children do not spend all their time confined in one room, Kaye’s endeavours soon grew to several centres as this new approach increased in demand.  Keeping it in the family, sons Trent and Matt are now at the helm along with several other long serving team members as they keep it local with 5 centres on the Mornington Peninsula.