During the 2020 COVID-19 outbreaks and imposed Victorian restrictions, our Little Grasshoppers community has been successful in keeping the people within our network safe from COVID-19. It has been a challenging year but we are delighted with all the efforts and sacrifices the people of Victoria have made to get our numbers to where they are now.

From Wednesday 2 December

    • Our services will be reopening to all parents and families that would like to enter the building during pickup and drop off times
    • Masks must be worn by parents entering the building
    • Temperatures of children on arrival will still be taken
    • Children with a temperature of 38 degrees or more will not be allowed to enter the service
    • Use of the iPads to sign in and out will be for STAFF ONLY
    • Parents wishing to continue to drop off outside will be allowed to do so
    • Our services will be reopening for tours and visitation during normal operating hours subject to strict temperature checking and information recording.
    • Our Little Grasshoppers community will continue to operate under a COVID-19 safe plan

    We will continue to

    • Children and educator’s temperature taken and recorded on arrival to the centre.
    • Educators working at multiple sites will only be done if completely necessary.
    • Professional cleaning on weekends.
    • Development of COVID-19 policy and procedures.
    • Masks are worn for staff in administration roles or in contact with other adults.
    • All children and educators to stay away from the centre when feeling unwell.
    • COVID-19 screening checklist for new families to the service, for risk mitigation.
    • Continued education of hygiene with children in our daily routines, hand washing, not sharing cups, sneezing safely etc.
    • Updating families of any current information

Corona Virus Policy